Zigzagging Across Asia (Pt. 6)

This Destination is part of a longer, on-going journey zigzagging through Asia.

02-Aug-19 to 06-Aug-19

The start of this journey was in Hanoi, Vietnam. Being a city that I’ve been to before, this made it the ideal start.

Although all previous trips to Hanoi, I had stayed nearer to the West Lake, this time, I decided to stay somewhere a little different. Chose an AirBNB that was nearer to my favourite cafe, and close to the bus station to make travelling around easier. Tucked away in a little alley, it was a nice place – though I could have used with a TV in the room.

Rain, Rain – Go Away

Unsurprisingly (with my luck sometimes), I arrived in Hanoi just as a tropical storm hit the North-Eastern coast of Vietnam. So the next few days saw constant, heavy rains, and me spending most of my days in my room, watching YouTube on my phone.

Hiding away from the rain in my favourite little cafe

Of course, on the last day of my stay in Hanoi, the sun was back out, and I at least had a dry travel to the airport to get to my next destination – Pleiku.


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