This is thought I’ve been thinking over, while waiting for the clock to strike midnight, and it became 2022, as I was watching people talking about their New Year’s Resolution. It got me thinking about how much conscious control we really have over our lives.

For many years, there seemed to be a lot of talk about a Multiverse – each having a different version of yourself, based on the decisions you’ve made. So each time you make a decision, another universe is created, that plays out the outcome of the other options.

Just before I continue, I should point out certain things I’ve understood as the multiverse.

Some Multiverse Disclaimers

There are broadly 2 types of multiverse that are often talked about – one is within the scientific community, which uses the multiverse as a theory to explain certain anomalies found in quantum physics. The other multiverse is the new-age one that talks about a new universe being created every time we made a decision. In this post, I’m only referring to the new-age multiverse idea.

This idea of a multiverse, gave me a certain comfort. It made me think every decision I’ve made, has led me to where I am. I have control over my future, with choices I make, and I can change my future for the better, by making smarter choices.

Sub-Theory of Multiverse/Positive-Thinking/Consciousness

For a period of time, I had a theory that tied up the multiverse, positive-thinking and our consciousness. My idea was, that each time I made a decision, new universes were created, that played out all the outcomes of those decisions. Each time a new universe was created, there would be a collective consciousness across all my “self” across the different universes. Positive Thinking was just a way to shift my active consciousness to the universe that played out the outcome that was most desirable.

As I sat looking at the sky that night though, it occurred to me that everything out that in the vast expanse of space, is predictable. We can determine the position of asteroids, planets, stars, galaxies with astounding accuracy, into the distant future. There are no multiverses being created “out there”, because nothing is being chosen. So all the multiverses are being created just by us – or any other intelligent beings that may exist. Which would still be an almost irrelevant number in all the space and time that exists.

This got me to thinking, are we really making any choices or decisions in our lives? I think on any given day, most of us, don’t even make decisions. We just have a thought that we want something, and we do it. A decision is only made, when there is a conflict. When there’s more than one option to choose from. This narrows down the number of choices each of us make in our lives.

In the small category of decisions left for us to make, how many of them are we actually, actively deciding on? Are they even real options, or have things already been put in places, that although multiple options are available to you, what you are actually going to choose, has already been determined.

We can accurately predict everything about celestial bodies years into the future, yet we can barely predict our own weather within the same day. That’s simply cos our weather systems are too volatile – there are too many interacting events that keeps changing. Which doesn’t mean it cannot be predicted, it just means we have a lot more interacting forces we would need to observe, to be able to predict the weather.

I’m starting to think that people are exactly the same. As unpredictable we all like to think we are, our actions are just the outcome of the different interactions we’ve had leading up to our current point. If we did start observing every miniscule event of our lives, we would also be able to accurately predict our actions. So you may be presented with a choice, many choices even, but the one you are going to pick, has already been determined by everything leading up to that point.

Every Thing is a Sequence of Event

Everyone seems to agree that life is a sequence of event. One thing sets of another, which sets of another… and so on. How far back does this go though? If I took my own life, and cut it into sections going backwards, it would be back to the day I was born.. then reverse it further, as the sequence of events in my parents’ lives that led to the day of my birth, and so on.. you can just keep going back to the beginning of all life.. then the beginning of earth, and keep going till you reach the beginning of the universe.

So everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen, has already been determined just moments after the big bang. There is no choice – so there can be no multiverse of choice.


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