Zero Sum Universe

This is one of those thoughts, that came to me as I lay in bed, waiting to sleep. I had been watching a documentary about ways that life on earth can come to an end – and I must’ve been mulling over in my mind. I vaguely remembered there being a saying – “Life always finds a way”. Except life itself could be an anomaly. In the timeline of the universe, the existence of living things could be insignificant.

This got me thinking about the climatic end of the universe itself. I have seen a few documentaries, and the one I always felt made the most sense was “The Big Bounce”. This is the theory that the universe is on a repetitive path – collapsing back on itself (the Big Crunch), then rapidly expanding again (the Big Bang).

It feels to me that the entire universe is ZERO sum. If you take some of the basic fundamentals – Newton’s Third Law of Motion” or “Conservation of Energy”, we can accept that the net result of every action is ZERO.

For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another.

Law of Conservation of Energy

So the action of the Big Bang itself, should have an equal and opposite reaction. It should have created the opposite of our Universe (an Antiverse?) – where all things are equal, but having an opposite value. It’s the coming together of these 2 that reaches back to singularity – the point ZERO.

Big Bang > Big Crunch > Zero > Repeat

To the Power of Zero

We are so stubborn about our concept of time – being linear and uni-directional. I wonder what if time had the same properties of energy and matter. What if it too could have an opposite value – a time that counts back to zero.

So each Big Bang > Big Crunch cycle, is not in a forward motion. It’s all happening at the same time – layered yet interwoven. Could this then be the multiverse and parallel universes? Their existence is not their space in relation to ours, but their time in relation to ours. So there is no “previous cycle”, and no “next cycle”, at least not in the way we perceive it. All the cycles of our universe have happened, is happening and yet to happen.

What if each conscious perception of existence we have at any moment, is us being in a state of both time moving forward and time moving backward. A state where the forces are both negative and positive. At any given moment, we are living in a net value of ZERO. A concept that has a sense of infinity, that is undefinable.

~~ END ~~