If like me, you're someone who need to open the Android Module of your Flutter project in a new Android Studio Window, then the recent upgrade to Android Studio Iguana must've been quite an annoyance.

Before the upgrade to Android Studio Iguana, we could easily open the Android Module by either:

  1. Right clicking on the Android folder, going down to Flutter, and selecting "Open Android Module in Android Studio".
  2. Another method, was that the option was conveniently provided to us in the top right corner of affected files.

These would conveniently open the Android Module in a new window.

Unfortunately, both these methods fails to open the Android Module.

We've now had to open the Android Module, by going into File > Open, then just choosing the Android folder from within the Flutter Project folder.

Happily, I've stumbled on a little workaround to go back to open the Android Module with the old methods.

Simply locate the .idea file in the android level of the Flutter Project, and delete it.

Once you've deleted that file, you are able to open the Android Module with the previous methods that failed.

The .idea file does get recreated, so you would need to delete it every time you open the Android Module, but it is not necessary to delete it when the window is already opened.

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Shamla Ramasamy · 1 May 2024 at 9:30 am

Thank you so much for this workaround! Makes things a lot easier now!

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