Off the concept of "A Pixel A Year", the Mood Canvas app was created to be a colour chart of your daily moods. The aim is to give you an idea of how your moods change weekly/monthly/annually.

Privacy Policy

No data - including personal details, are stored, shared or exported. The free app does include banner ads from Google, which would be with the privacy policy you've set with Google.


The canvas page is the main section of the app. It shows your mood colour chart for the current week, month or year.

Circular Gradient

To visually represent the moods across the time period, a circular sweeping gradient is used. The reason for this, is that I feel the daily moods can be linked to the day before or day after, but I should try to avoid showing a relationship between the weeks or months. So the circular gradient is the best way to show this relationship.

Mood Canvas App - Canvas Week
Mood Canvas - Weekly

The weekly mood canvas shows your moods for the current week, starting from Monday, and ending on Sunday.

Mood Canvas App - Canvas Month
Mood Canvas - Monthly

The monthly mood canvas, shows your daily moods for the current month, starting on the 1st of the month, and ending on the last day of the month.

Mood Canvas App - Canvas Year
Mood Canvas - Yearly (Weekly Average)

The yearly (weekly average) canvas, shows the average of a daily moods for each week of the year, starting on the 1st week of the year, and ending on the last week of the year.

Why Weekly Average For The Year

While the preference would be to have the yearly moods shown as daily colours, it just felt too chaotic to have 365 (or 366) days depicted - you can view this in the "examples" section. So the weekly average was chosen to depict the yearly moods.

An option to view the Year's Mood Canvas in also daily and monthly average will still be made available.

Share Canvas

Mood Canvas App - Share Canvas

You can choose to "share" the current mood canvas screen to email, chat apps or social media by clicking on the "share" button.

Slide Panel

Mood Canvas App - Slide Panel

You can access the main features of the Mood Canvas App, by swiping up the bottom slide panel in any screens.

The bottom slide panel is also where you'd submit a new mood or change your mood for today.


Mood Canvas App - Settings
Change Your Mood Colours

In the settings, you can choose the colours that depict your negative, neutral and positive moods. The app will automatically create a 5-step spectrum between these 3 colours.

Changing your mood colours in settings, will change the colour for all your previous moods too.

For example: If you had previously used "Red" to show a negative mood, and later changed the negative mood colour to "Blue", all the previous negative moods will be shown in blue as well.

Why are the Mood Colours Not Permanent?

The reason for not making the mood colours permanent, is from my person experience, where the feeling a colour makes me feel can vary depending on my current mood. So while "Red" might feel relatable as a negative mood on day, it might evoke another mood on another day.

So the aim of making the mood colours changeable, is to make the emotions of the mood canvas current. So it is a representative based on your current mood.


The examples page, randomly generates the mood canvases for different time periods, based on your currently selected mood colours. The purpose of this section, is to give you an idea of how your canvases can look like, to help you to choose the ideal mood colours.

Example Mood Canvas for a Week (7 Days)
Mood Canvas App - Example for Week (7 Days)
Example Mood Canvas for a Month (30 Days)
Mood Canvas App - Example for Month (30 Days)
Example Mood Canvas for a Year (365 Days)
Mood Canvas App - Example for Year (365 Days)
Example Mood Canvas for a Year (Weekly Average)
Mood Canvas App - Example for Year (Weekly Average)
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